Thursday, 14 September 2017

Another video; shunting the pick-up at Lambing Flat.

This new mobile phone doesn't take a bad video, if I say so myself!

This is a little 'documentary' showing how the pick-up detached some wagons at Lambing Flat. The 55 is definitely running beautifully now. If you can, watch it fullscreen on Youtube to get the best effect.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Some videos of Lambing Flat

I have very recently acquired a mobile phone that takes very good videos, so I had to try it out on the layout!

The first video shows 5165 exiting the loop with a goods train headed for Demondrille. The train is comprised mostly of loco coal in U, B, G, LCH and CCH wagons, bound for southern loco depots, plus two empty rail tank cars in transit back to Sydney.

The second video shows recently cleaned 3610 heading in the opposite direction, towards Temora, with a block load of empty stock wagons.