Thursday, 5 May 2011

From the vaults-2: 5184 in 1992

Had another rummage in the 'vaults' and turned up this scan of a print I took in the backyard (natural light) at Lambing Flat's original location at Burwood. In those days, before I had decent lights (and learnt how to use them) I would take sections of the layout out into the backyard and photograph various scenes in natural light.
This scene shows Standard Goods 5184 crossing a trestle bridge on the newly built 'north curve' section in late 1992. The section of the layout was constructed to connect the turntable end of the layout to the 'Cowra' fiddle yard when the layout moved upstairs to the loft at my old place in Burwood. This section is no longer part of the layout, mainly as the 2ft (600mm) curve needed to fit the layout into the loft was just a little tight for some of the rolling stock. I was quite pleased with the way the scenery turned out however, so I may incorporate it in the current version of the layout 'one of these days'.

Steam locomotive 5184 is a Mansfield brass model to which I had attached a kit-built FSM whitemetal Turret tender. It is not currently in service on Lambing Flat as it doesn't yet have a DCC chip. It may reappear soon, as I have a Tsunami 'earmarked' for it, but haven't yet got around to fitting it.

The trestle was scratchbuilt in timber to NSWGR standard drawings.

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  1. James,
    As always some nice modelling and some dam fine photography.