Monday, 13 June 2011

Bowen Creek at the Thornleigh exhibition.

Andrew Campbell and Ian Millard's Bowen Creek was exhibited at the Thornleigh exhibition over the June long weekend. It looks fantastic and runs very well. I photographed it on Friday evening for a future article for AMRM. Here is one of the images.

On Sunday I also took some video with my old digital camera (it is much better for video than my 'work' camera). It's up on Youtube already!

It is a wonderful layout, it captures that '1970s' look to perfection, and it is well worth a long look!


  1. Fantastic layout, hopefully it will come down to Victoria one day soon.


  2. Great video James, very well put together. Having seen the layout in person I look forward to your indepth article in AMRM. Darren

  3. I totally agree James. I had my first Bowen Creek experience on Saturday and what else can you say other than fantastic! Unfortunantly for the rest of us that's where the standard is set oh no!! Ha Ha!
    Through AMRM could you uncover Bowen Creeks back scene secrets? Great stuff.