Monday, 17 October 2011

She's baaacckkk...

After some 15 years 'out of service' with a crook chassis, 5303 re-entered service on Lambing Flat this evening, after I finished fitting a Tsunami DCC chip. She runs like a dream, thanks to the excellent chassis constructed for me by Hollywood Foundry.

Here she is entering the loop with a wheat train.

A closer look at the Wampu tender and the cab detail.
I still have a few things to repair and refit (like employing another fireman, her old fireman appears to left the service sometime in the last 15 years!), plus a little 'touching up' to the paint and weathering. However, Lambing Flat is once more host to a 53 class Standard Goods, a very appropriate locomotive type for the setting.

Btw, you can click on the images to see it at a much larger size.


  1. Will the Hollywood foundry manufacture any type of steam mechanism? How much did it set you back?

  2. You will have to talk to Geoff at Hollywood Foundry to get the answer to those questions!

  3. James,
    I hope you paid your fireman his entitled long service leave! Loco looks great. How about some video?
    We had a win with Geoff. We have the drawing to modify.


  4. If I find him, I'll be giving him a 'bung' for being absent from point of duty! The video will come soon. Good news re: drawing. I've still got an FSM 55 class tucked away... ;o)