Friday, 5 October 2012

Some more pretty pictures...

I've been pretty slack lately with updating the blog, but I have been doing a little modelling... (a certain magazine does take up a lot of my time). I've mainly been weathering wagons (my favourite modelling activity!).
I'll say more about that in due course, but in the meantime here are some shots of some of the vehicles I have been weathering in use on the layout.
Trainorama 4429 enters the yard with a general goods with a late '60s aspect, while Austrains 3610 waits in the loop with a stock train.
Some of the rolling stock in the train hauled by 4429. The On Track CH is one of those weathered recently.
Belpaire 'pig' 3610 departs with the stock train, conveying newly weathered Eureka BSV sheep vans and an Austrains CW.
You can, of course, click on the images to see the full-sized version.


  1. James

    Your signal isn't too well in your second photo. It's amazing how we find those things after we have published a photo.

    The layout is looking nice as usual.


    1. Yes, the inner home hasn't been the same since the move to Beecroft, a bit of an 'overtravel' problem on the return to stop... I usually remember to 'nudge' it back to horizontal...

  2. I thought it was an upper quadrant myself